movie company

“AB video”
it is founded in 1997

The Moscow studio successfully is engaged in the translation, scoring and dublyazhy television and film theatrical movies and series, for TV companies within 15 years.

In the work we combine attentive approach to big cinema with accurate knowledge of technical requirements of the Russian broadcasting.

Among them:

"Sherlock Holmes" 4 season
"War & Peace (1 season)"
"The English patient"
"Star wars" (episodes 4,5,6)
"House of Cards" (season 3)
"Kennnedi's clan"
"The underground empire"
"Prospectus of Brazil"
"Sherlock Holmes"

Thanks to responsible and careful attitude to the work, the studio is only the partner to whom the "First" channel charges scoring and dubbing-in of foreign movies for more than 10 years.

Highly skilled technicians (members of AES, Dolby certificates), translators and the stackers specializing at work from cinema. Huge choice of actors – all this allows to cope with any task.